Milana Ogórová

Milana was born in Karviná. She devoted herself to sport from the early childhood. When she was four, she entered an artistic gymnastic club where she have met the hard and simultaneously beautiful world of sport for the first time. Reward for the 14 years of hard work was the participation in the gymnastics World Championship (WCH) in 1995. In regard to the stiff competition that is part of this sport, the participation alone can be considered as a big success. In the following years (1996 - 2002) Milana studied at the Faculty of Economics, Technical Univesity of Ostrava where she successfully graduated, obtained a master degree and has become an engineer. Apart from the studies, she appeared in a road show (2000 - 2001) where she performed on the balance beam and trampoline. There she also have met her life partner Mariusz. For the following two years she appeared in various animation programs of the Phantasialand Funfair in Germany. She has been exercising the balance act acrobatics with her partner since 2004.

Mariusz Ogór

Mariusz was born in Zagan, Poland. During the years 1995 - 1998, he studied at the State Artistic School Julinek in Poland where he successfuly finished his studies and has become a circus actor as an equilibrist - acrobat. For the following three years he performed in a road show as an equilibrist on a free-standing ladder and a comic equilibrist. Performing in the road show he has met his life partner Milana. The years 2002 and 2003, he spent appearing in the animation programs of the Phantasialand funfair in Germany. He has been exercising the balance act acrobatics with his partner since 2004.

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